Project Name:Mercer Design the Shanghai Office

Project Location:China . Shan Hai

Interior Design:Mercer Design

Soft Decoration Design:Mercer Design

Project Area:410㎡

Photography Team:Yu photography


The door is made of bronze steel

Deep, mysterious

Enter the wooden partition enclosed hallway

Different levels of light and shadow are presented through the illumination of natural light

We call it the box of light



The rock background is molded by hand percussion

It feels natural and warm

The reception desk is interspersed with white oak, metal and leather

Natural form pendant lamp combination strewn at random suspension

The tea table mesa that ripples like water surface

Present the fusion of contemporary and nature



 Push the wooden grille door to enter the reception and rest area

The Spaces are connected in series through a 35 - metre grille gallery

At the same time, the grille door can separate each space

Ensure independence of meeting rooms and open office space


The meeting room is separated from the hall by a revolving wooden door

Form a semi-enclosed independent space

Wood, cane make up, metallic make up the act the role ofing that the sequence feels

Bearing the achievements and honors of the past

The introduction of modern technology conference system, convenient and efficient


Normally, the door is ajar

Outdoor light is projected through the grated wooden doors into the reception area

Open the revolving door and combine with the hall

The open space is also a venue for the company to hold parties

The small conference room is separated into a world by corrugated glass

Usually used for brainstorming in small discussions

A new spark



End of the corridor

The grille walls are decorated with delicate round bronze handles

Bring people into it

Push the door in

Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling Windows, the exterior views into the interior

Bookcase log is combined with lacquer finish

Use the relation of cabinet put oneself in another's position to satisfy receive to achieve to show demand again

Wide desk with solid wood and leather

Comfortable and meet the different functional requirements in the design

Abstract and figurative neutralization

The simplicity of the West interweaves with the natural temperament of the East

In addition to natural elements and materials

The space is not overdecorated


The scale of public office area achieves the most comfortable state

A wide glass curtain wall can provide adequate lighting

Old office implements have been renovated

Combined with the new space as a hallway chandelier and staff area meeting table

Continue to give value

Also carries a kind of feeling to old thing


The design integrates people with nature and city

To shape the feelings that belong to Mercer

Symbiosis with nature