Project Name:Huizhou Bay Sales Office

Project Location:China . Hui zhou

Interior Design:Mercer Design

Soft Decoration Design:Mercer Design

Project Area:836㎡

Photography Team:Yu photography

The project is located in Xunliao Bay in Huidong, Guangdong province, which is close to the mountains and the sea. The sea and sky are one of the cleanest bays in hundreds of kilometers of eastern Guangdong. Xunliao everywhere strange zhou strange stone, rich cape tianya scenery.


There is still a way of life that depends on the sea fishing, and they have a deep affection for the sea.

Take inspiration from "Fishing boats" and "strange natural rocks.

Apply to screen, reception, seek the echo of space and time, in this area of virtual and real art travel, into the old story, deduce the comfortable temperature of the resort level club, feel the natural atmosphere, such as real unreal

To "round" to the scene

In the expression of Oriental artistic conception, the circle is used to express the nature of the world and the universe. Apply this one element in the design, abound more than visual space, also get its meaning deeply.

"Between" or white space

Restrain the desire of design, avoid adding various elements, pursue the extreme beauty of high simplicity and modern technology, capture and use the expression and vitality of each material, combine to form the aesthetic balance of space, there is no meaningless thing.

Balanced "order"

Floor-to-ceiling Windows fuse the boundary between the interior and exterior, and the interior sits idle, still enjoying the beautiful bay. Logs cut off and partially enclosed the space, reproducing warm and orderly light and shadow moving with time under the sun, making the space full of comfortable temperature and infinite possibilities.

A free and quiet life

For owners who are far away from the city and look forward to quiet and natural nourishment, the design will make the space more gentle and peaceful, add a little green, create a natural holiday atmosphere, make the mood relaxed and gentle.

Reduction of breath

Earnest dialogue and in-depth communication with each of the raw materials, each part of the effort to build. The so-called raw material, is wood, is earth and stone, and wood, earth and stone from nature. Designers work in the face of raw materials, in this process can insight into the true meaning of nature, let people feel the beauty of nature.

Discontinuous continuity

Continuous natural wood color, let a person relax, let a person kind, like a gentle encounter, mild warmth, peace.