Project name: Golden Land in the city sales office 

Project location:China Haikou,

Development Company: Gemdale Corporation

Interior design:Mercer Design

Project area:1200㎡

Photography team: Three Images

Project Features:

Taste coconut palm blue shadow | also quiet

Look at the immensity of the sea|also silence

Ming mei fragrant | also fang yu

The beauty house | is also popular

The designer created the first resort residential project in Hainan Province.

The designer hopes that this project can perfectly combine the regional characteristics, architecture, nature, sea view and light design, and then integrate the relaxed atmosphere of the resort hotel to create a natural and comfortable experience space.

Architectural Transformation:

This experience center is an old building renovation project. Through field investigation, the designer found that the original building is a common three-storey building with a single-storey height of 3 meters.

In view of the existing building conditions, it is particularly important to create an experience center space. After communication, the designer suggested that the first floor and the second floor should be experience centers and the third floor should be property offices.

Therefore, first of all, we should solve the problem of building height and structural reform, and adopt the method of canceling the first floor slab and secondary beam, and reinforcing the main beam, so that most areas can reach the two-storey height pattern; At the same time, circular holes are opened in the ceiling of the atrium to introduce the sky light into the interior, forming the natural interaction between the interior and the exterior. 

Design concept:

Main entrance reception area waterscape layer upon layer ripples, cool and refreshing infiltration people.

Old tree stumps on display are fun, and the pulsating wooden grids make people happy.

The core body of the space sand table area, the upper and lower echo, natural sky light catharsis and down, so that the whole space suddenly enlightened.

Through the treatment of the original building beam, the ceiling adopts the effect of combining dark and light wood, creating a sense of rhythm like waves. The design is embellished with regional characteristics, yet it is leisurely and comfortable. Triangular plum character color clever introduction, as if quietly blooming, alone scattered dark incense. The modified and elevated ceiling mirrors the natural chandelier, just like the twinkling stars under the Milky Way galaxy, or the spray from the waves.
The space of the deep negotiation area is low-key and profound, such as night falls, if you are in this area, it is like sailing in the wide Milky Way, attracting endless reveries. Loose and orderly arrangement of wooden structure, clever combination with lighting design, make the space have transparent feeling, virtual and actual proper, distinct. Li Jin decorative pattern makeup appropriate, highlighting the local culture of Hainan.

The design of the water bar area is unique and ingenious. The background wall is made of old boat wood, which fully shows the combination of design and fashion sense. The material combines the characteristic traditional material with modern material to make a collision. Alone in a corner, leisurely meditation starry sky, listening to the sound of the tide reverberated, all enjoy the water light billow.